The "Back Porch" of The Bill Monroe Place at Rosine Kentucky 2009

Based out of the Missouri Ozarks, C.J. Lewandowski & The Men of The Week is a Bluegrass band that is steeped in the traditions of the music. C.J. Lewandowski & The Men of the Week utilize "single microphone" skills to provide a tight, self balanced sound... just as the pioneers of Bluegrass did.

The “single microphone” also adds a unique choreography that C.J. and the boys have studied. A Men of The Week show has been characterized with words such as exciting, energetic, driving, traditional, and professional. They have learned from the many pioneers of Ozark Bluegrass Music, and added a touch of their own music into the mix, The result is what they call “Traditional Bluegrass with Ozark Drive.”

Since their beginning in early 2008, C.J. & MOTW have spread their music all across the Midwest Bluegrass circuit, traveling through the likes of Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, just to mention a few. C.J. & The Men of The Week have graced the stages of many great festivals and theatres including C.R Wilson’s Music Barn, Meadowgreen Music Park, SPBGMA Nashville, Missouri’s Oldest Bluegrass Festival: ”Bluegrass Pickin’ Time” in Dixon, MO, Silver Dollar City, The 135th Annual Kentucky Derby, and The Jerusalem Ridge Festival at Bill Monroe’s childhood home in Rosine, KY.

In 2008, C.J. Lewandowski & The Men of The Week were awarded the prestigious Kentucky Colonel title by Kentucky Governor, Stephen Beshear, They received this honorable award for preserving Traditional Bluegrass music in the state Missouri. The Men of The Week gladly accepted and appreciated the award.   We hope you enjoy C.J. Lewandowski & The Men of The Week and we look forward to seeing you all down the road, Yessir!
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