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This is a summary of the products and services we offer.

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Duplicated CDs or DVDs, full color printed disc face on white or silver discs.
Replicated CDs or DVDs, full color silkscreened disc face for larger quantities.
Below explains some of the various choices in packaging:
  Jewel Case
      Standard Jewel Cases are the most popular CD packaging option.  Jewel Cases are available in a  variety of styles, colors and materials.  
  Slimline Jewel Case
    Slimline Jewel Cases are available with either Black, Clear or Frosted bottoms.
      CD, DVD sleeves are one of the most flexible and least expensive packaging
options available.  You can find sleeves made of poly, vinyl, paper, paperboard or Tyvek.  Paper and paperboard sleeves can be custom printed.
  DVD Case
    Traditional style DVD cases are available that hold one DVD or several.  In standard and slimmer widths.  DVD cases come in white, clear or black.
      DigiPaks are a great alternative to the industry standard Jewel Case.  You get a nice preprinted package (wallet) and a plastic tray to hold your disc.  It's the best of both worlds.  
We do many different kinds of printing as described below:
Tri-fold brochures are great for show or informational handouts.
Event Fliers for use as sidewalk handouts and dashboard fliers to promote upcoming shows.  These fliers are an important element because they are a hands-on marketing tool that unite promoter and partron or band and fan.
Fliers are 8 1/2" x 11" printed on one or both sides either matte or glossy finish.
A great way to bring attention to your music, whether in a store or at a show.  Great for announcing an upcoming performance or a new release.
Posters are 12" x 18" max. on matte or glossy stock.
Stickers are always the hit of festivals and shows.  Ever see an instrument case without a sticker?
Stickers are 3" x 3" or 3" x 10" adhesive backed.
Banners are available from as small as 2' x 2' to as large as 5' x 30'.  They can be straight text or full color graphics, your choice.  Vertical banners with stands are available, also.
Festival Booklets
Mulit-page, stapled booklets to hand out at shows as programs.
Promotional Guitar Picks
Standard size or oversized guitar picks printed with your pictures, logo or just your clever saying on one or both sides.
  We can build you a new website or take care of your existing one.
You will find some of the available options below:
  Custom Desingned Websites  
    We design you a website using your theme and colors.  
    We can maintain the website we build for you or we can maintain your existing website.  
  Photo Gallery  
    You can have a photo gallery that allows you to share many different albums, each containing its own set of photos.  
  Video Gallery  
    You can have a video gallery that allows you to share many different albums, each containing its own set of videos.  
    Let your fans interact with you by signing and commenting on your website.  
    As a band you can have a forum on your website where you can start discussion "threads" so your fans can share with you and others there feelings about you performances. 
As a promoter you can have a forum that facilitates discussions between yourself and the bands and fans.
  Content Management System (CMS)  
    A CMS system will let you add and change some of the areas of your website yourself.  You don't even need software or website knowledge to do this, either.
    Would you like to sell your music and products on your own website; we can make that happen.  Custom made to fit your website theme.  
  Music Player  
    A music player will let your website visitor listen to your music before they buy it or come to your show.  Players can be many different designs or custom made to your own liking.  
  Video Player  
  Schedule or Booking Page  
    Make sure that everyone knows where you are playing with a schedule on your website.  
  Biography Page  
    Make your website personal with the information and pictures that your fans want to see.  
  Contact Page  
    Give your fans the information to always keep in touch with you.  
  Press Kit  
    We can put your press kit online so you don't have to send this info to the promoters anymore.  
      A picture speaks a thousand words and that has never been truer than when promoting your event or your band.  
      We can meet you anywhere and do a "photo shoot" for you.  
      You can use a festival for a background or we can provide you with a backdrop, depending on your need.  Our photographic studio is totally portable and can be utilized indoors or out.  
      You can save money by scheduling your "photo shoot" at an event we are attending.  
Take your presence into the world by selling clothing that is custom branded for you! 
We can warehouse and ship your items or we can have clothing made for you,
either way it is GREAT advertising.
We can sit down with you and help you devise a successful marketing plan
for your music using any or all of the marketing tools mentioned below:
  Email Marketing  
    You provide the info and we take it to the public for you.  
  Mail Marketing  
    Believe it or not, all bluegrass lovers fo not use email and the internet!  Keep in touch with these folks, too; they also attend events and want to know where you are playing.  
  Online Surveys  
    Online surveys are on of the best methods to learn what your audience is thinking.  If you are a band wanting to know how you are perceived or a promoter wanting to know what the fans and bands think about your events, online surveys of it everytime.  
  Event Marketing  
    Want to sell tickets to your event and register people ahead of time? We can do that for you using Event Marketing.  
  Online Press Kits  
If you don't want the expense of your own online store; try ours. 
The Where The Grass Grows Store is a shared store where you can sell
your items without paying the normal fees.
  No monthly store or eCommerce fees.  
  Your music can be produced On-demand and shipped directly to your customer without large quantity costs or warehousing charges.
We specialize in "Order In - Order Out" production!
  You can sell your music as a download too.  
  You can sell your clothing or other music related items in our store.