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Yuki is Gwynn Reitz, Rob Guernsey,Tony Reitz, and Jason Crews.Past alliances include (but not limited to): Svetlana, Majhas, Turncoat Serenade, Lunar Event, Endive... Taking pages from Shoegaze, Dreampop, Britpop, Experimental, and Alternative music, Yuki is a poppy, jingle-jangly, band that incorporates soft male and female vocal harmonies juxtaposed with loud, crashing tones. Some of their influences include Slowdive, Low, Charlatans UK, My Bloody Valentine, The Field Mice, 14 Iced Beers, Leonard Cohen, The Jesus and Marychain, Brian Eno... They rarely leave their humble basement. They spend most of their time writing, recording, and collecting gear.