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Our Products
Jewel Cases

Standard Jewel Cases are the most popular CD packaging option. Jewel Cases are available in a variety of syles, colors and materials.

Slimline Style Jewel Cases

Available with either Black, Clear or Frosted Bottoms.

DVD Cases

Traditional-style DVD cases are available that hold one DVD or several. In standard and slimmer widths, DVD cases can come in white, clear or black.

Clamshell style Jewel Cases are made from light-weight, break-resistant polypropylene. Clamshell CD cases come in a variety of shapes and colors to match any branding effort.
The ultra-compact design of the Clamshell Jewel Case leaves no room for an insert card, so your disc art will get to take the center stage.
CD Sleeves are one of the most flexible and least expensive CD packaging options available. You can find Sleeves made of poly, vinyl, paper, paperboard or Tyvek. Adhesive Backed Sleeves are also available including Sleeves with a tamper-evident seal, re-sealable and with no seal at all.


It's a great alternative to the industry standard Jewel Case.
You get a nice preprinted package (wallet) and a plasitc tray to hold your disc.

It's the best of both worlds.

Many of the top artists are putting out their CD in a DigiPak


If you plan on selling CDs or DVDs in a retail store, then you should have a barcode applied to your product.
Barcodes can be printed on your packaging and/or your disc.

We can assist you if you do not already have a barcode.

Top Spine Label communicates a product's name, title, catalog number and barcode of the product. It's a long thin white sticker with black print that is placed on top of the overwrap along the case's top leading edge making identification, inventory and indexing much easier for the retailer.
Business Cards
Business Cards make great miniature billboards containing your contact info and/or your advertising. A professional Business Card can open doors by telling everyone that you are serious about what you do. Just provide us the graphics or let our Graphics Department design them for you.
Hand Outs

Concert handbills for use as sidewalk handouts and dashboard fliers to promote upcoming shows. These handbills are an important element because they are a hands-on marketing tool that unite promoter and patron.

Promotional Posters

A great way to bring attention to your music, whether in a store or at a gig.

Great for announcing an upcoming performance or a new release.

Posters are 11" by 17" printed CMYK 4/0


We can create one disc at a time and send it out so you don't incur large quantity production costs or warehousing charges.

We specialize in "order In - Order Out" production!


Want to buy your poduct in larger quantities to get bigger discounts?

We can do that and store them in our warehouse until you need them or want them shipped out for you.

Custom Designed Marketing Plan

We can sit down with you and help you devise a successful marketing plan for your music.


Take your presence into the world by selling clothing that is custom branded for you!

We can warehouse and ship your items or we can have clothing made for you, either way it is GREAT advertising.

Our Services
Graphic Design
If you need help creating your artwork or just need your graphics tweaked, let our Graphic Design Department lend you a hand. They can create your disc face and packaging graphics for the professional quality you're looking for.
Direct Mail & Fulfillment

Delivering your music quickly is essential to a good marketing plan. We can expedite your delivery by manufacturing and shipping your discs from the same location.
Let us be your "Shipping Department" whether you need to send out 10,000 or just 1.
We'll take care of it for you!

Duplicated CDs & DVDs are done on quick turn times. Full color CMYK prined on the disc.

Replicated CDs & DVDs are for orders of 1,000 or more and are either silk screen or offset printed.