North Street Media: CD DVD VHS media duplication replication.
Welcome to North Street Media!

"media duplication and fulfillment services a little north of the ordinary"

What's that mean? In a sentence:

We Don't Know How To Say "No"

While that philosophy certainly creates some interesting scenarios, it's also why our clients love working with us.

  • Need 100 CDs for a meeting in an hour?
  • 1,000 CDs in less than 2 weeks - cheap?
  • With graphic design help?
  • 100,000 Mini CDs delivered internationally in
    less than 3 weeks?
  • A 4-DVD set in custom packaging?
  • That's also mail-ready?

We'll do it

Bring us that project everyone else says they can't do
& we'll find a way to get it done for you. The difficult is easy. The impossible just takes a little longer.

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