Glenn Alford            

Glenn has played mandolin for 27 years. He started playing mandolin when he was about nine years old. Glenn was attracted to the mandolin because of its small size. He was learning to play the guitar at the time and found that his fingers couldn't always reach the strings and when his Uncle Ronnie brought home a mandolin, Glenn knew he had found the instrument that he wanted to play the rest of his life. Glenn was also lucky to have supportive parents while learning to play.


He will never forget his first "real good" mandolin that his parents gave him for Christmas when he was about 12 or 13. It was an Alvarez. It was probably not the best mandolin in the world, but to a 12 year old, it might as well been a Loyd Loar. Since then that Alvarez mandolin has been replaced by a 1989 Flatiron bought by his wife Paula. "I knew I had to marry her then, " said Glenn, "what a way to hook a husband?"

Glenn doesn't just play the mandolin; he is also an excdellent guitar player, singer, and song writer. He has recorded many of his songs over the years and is looking forward to recording many more in the future. Glenn has been fortunate enough to play with several different groups.

After deciding to take some time off to "let his kids be kids" it didn't take long for him to miss the music and decide to start a new band with some great friends. When not playing music, Glenn enjoys spending time with his family and watching baseball (any kind from Little League to the Majors).

            Matthew Phelps      

Matthew Phelps is the newest member of Blue River, and we welcome him as our new lead singer and guitar player. Matt comes from a long line musicians, his Grandfather Alan Phelps was the only Dobro player to ever play with Bill Monroe.
Matt has been playing for eighteen years since he was ten years old, and in those eighteen years he has had the opportunity to play with such greats as Kenny Baker and Josh Graves as well as filling the lead singing and guitar duties with Robin Roller Thixton and The High Rollers.

Matt’s main influences are Tony Rice, Flatt and Scruggs and Bill Monroe. Matt’s singing and playing are guaranteed to entertain!
      Billy Edlin            
    Billy Edlin from Elizabethtown, KY has been playing banjo for as long as he can remember. Billy has been a long time friend of Glenn and Boggie. We have grown up playing music with him and enjoyed every minute of it. Billy was a big influence in getting Glenn to start playing again. I can't count the endless hours they have spent in jam sessions over the years. It is only fitting that they share the stage together now.    

Billy is a well known banjo player and has won many awards over the years. He has played and recorded with numerous groups. Billy has written several banjo tunes and we are fortunate enough to record one of them on our first CD. The title of the song is Reminiscing with the banjo and as you listen to it you will see how talented he really is.

Play close attention to him on stage and you will notice he doesn't leave a part of the banjo neck untouched. He is the one of the most tasteful banjo players around. We are proud to call him friend.

            Joel Whittinghill      

Joel Whittinghill from Richardsville, KY fiddles for the group and sings baritone vocals. I guarantee you will enjoy hearing him play. He has played music from a very young age beginning with his family band, The Bluegrass Young'uns, and he can play anything.

Joel is a very accomplished musician. He has played with Curtis Burch, Roland White, The Jim Hurst Band, Highway 62, The McClain's.


He has won numerous awards and currently holds several state championships. It seems like he just can't get enough music. You don't have to look far to find Joel playing somewhere or better yet, just listen and he will reel you in. He is excellent.

In our opinion, a Bluegrass band is not complete until you hear that lonesome sound of a fiddle. Joel definitely fills that void and then some.

    Paula "Boggie" Alford          

Paula "Boggie" Alford is from Shepherdsville, KY, she is married to Glenn and plays bass for the group. From early as she can remember she wanted to play music like Papaw and finally at age 9, she started playing banjo and grew up at the feet of her Uncles and Papaw, learning how to play.

In High School, Boggie met Glenn and as soon as she found out he played and loved Bluegrass music she loved him. In College, Glenn and a close friend wanted to start a little group and needed a bass player, so Boggie decided she would get one and learn to play. The rest is history.

Boggie enjoyed many years traveling and playing with her husband. There is no feeling like sharing the stage with family and friends. There is a closeness there that only musicians can understand. Boggie is excited about Blue River and looks forward to creating music and memories with the group.